Welcome to the LitePublisher

LitePublisher is free open source content management system (CMS).
Lite Publisher easily customized for any tasks such as a blog, wiki, ticket system, documentation system. Here are the basic features of Lite Publisher:

Base features
  • Free open source

    LitePublisher is a free open source CMS under dual license. More...

  • Image gallery

    LitePublisher has Lightbox gallery. You do not need to create thumbnails. LitePublisher create thumbnails when you upload image. Just click upload button in post editor to add image. More...

  • Audio player

    LitePublisher has embedded audio player which can play MP3 or WWAV files. To add audio on your site just click upload button in the post editor to upload file. Thats all. More...

  • Video player

    LitePublisher has a built-in video player to watch video of popular formats. To add video just click upload button in the post editor. Thats all. No need to convert video files to flv format or anything else. More...

  • Media RSS

    Media RSS is an RSS extension used for syndicating multimedia files (audio, video, image) in RSS feeds. Media RSS is best method to submit your media content to search engines. More...

  • RSS

    Today every site must have RSS. LitePublisher has the following RSS feeds: More...

  • Plugins

    Today LitePublisher has 50 unique powerfull plugins. such as ticket system, wiki, documentation system, polls and More...

  • Themes

    LitePublisher has many themes which you can get from download section. You don not be an expert in LitePublisher to create theme. Theme seems like html and do not require programming. More...


    LitePublisher has XMLRPC server that allows to you Remote access to web-site.
    The url of xmlrpc server is /rpc.xml For this site is meaning http://litepublisher.com/rpc.xml Also exist second url of xmlrpc server /xmlrpc.php

    LitePublisher supports More...

  • sitemap.xml, robots.txt

    LitePublisher has sitemap.xml and robots.txt to help search engines indexing your website. More...

  • SEO friendly

    LitePublisher has everything you need for search engine optimization. You can edit keywords and description in head section of html. Ajax widgets protect your content from dduplicates.
    LitePublisher has several plugins which can help to you More...

  • High performance

    LitePublisher is very fast. What is secret of high speed? More...

  • Admin panel, installer, backuper

    LitePublisher has powerful tools for managing your site. These tools is is very simply to use. More...

Lite Publisher has
ticket system where anyone can leave comments.
Anyone can open a ticket.
Are you looking for something in LitePublisher?
Probably this has already been implemented.
If you do not find what you wish please leave your wishes in the

if you found an error in the Lite Publisher, please
report it.

If you have any questions about plugin or theme of LitePublisher please
ask your question.

you need
documentation of Lite Publisher?

is requried to open ticket.
To leave comments on tickets and documents registration is not required.